Lipton Cold Infuse is taste for cold water! A pyramid bag filled with a natural blend of fruit and / or herbs, without sugar and without calories. Individually packed, handy to take with you on the go!

This is how you prepare Lipton Cold Infuse:

  • i) Place the Lipton Cold Infuse pyramid bag in 500 ml of cold water

  • ii) Shake or stir the pyramid bag carefully

  • iii) Let the infusion run for at least 5 minutes.

  • iv) Enjoy Lipton Cold Infuse within 8 hours of brewing.

Lipton Cold Infuse transforms your water bottle with the surprising flavors of Pomegranate & Hibiscus, Elderflower & Rose and Lemon & Camomile. Lipton Cold Infuse is light in taste and contains no preservatives or sugar. The slightly sweet taste of Lipton Cold Infuse is of natural origin.



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