Week commencing 18th November 2019

If selected, you and your colleagues will each receive an Onken Naked 150g yogurt pot to try and enjoy.


Onken Naked only contains perfectly ripe fruits, deliciously creamy yogurt and sugar.


Just simple ingredients you might find in your kitchen cupboard at home. We don’t add anything else in. No additives. No stabilisers. No thickeners.


Because we don’t add any colours or flavourings into Onken Naked, the fruit is the true hero of our story. We work closely with the farmers who supply us and attend their fruit harvest to hand select the ripest, most colourful and mouth watering fruits. We combine these fruits with our mild, creamy and thick yogurt and some sugar to deliver a delicious taste.


Onken Naked is the yogurt with nothing to hide. Small on ingredients, big on taste.



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