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Thatchers Cloudy lemon

Looking for something refreshingly different this May Bank Holiday? You’ve found it. This surpriZING cider is full of Braeburn, Gala and Red Spur dessert apples, blended with the juice of real lemons.

Ideal for chilling with, it's great at picnics and of course the Bank Holiday BBQ!

Kick back and relax with a can or two or why not try an alfresco cocktail. When the sun’s in the sky it’d be rude not to try this little concoction.


275ml Thatchers Cloudy Lemon Cider

25ml of your favourite gin

Apple slices, lemon slices and mint, to garnish


Add ice to a copa glass

Pour the gin and Cloudy Lemon

Stir gently, garnish and serve with a ‘tah dah!’



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